Prosecutor Knapp Announces Next Step in the Ongoing Community Outreach Program for Morris County Clergy

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp is hosting the first meeting of his office’s newly expanded Clergy Community Outreach Program on Friday, January 22, 2016.
This meeting will be held at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy, 500 West Hanover Avenue, Parsippany, New Jersey, at9:00 a.m. About 175 clergy members have been invited to the session. All Morris County Police Chiefs also have been invited.
The Prosecutor’s Office has expanded its existing Community Outreach Program to include all members of the Morris County clergy. According to Prosecutor Knapp, “As the lead law enforcement agency in Morris County, we deal directly with the Attorney General’s Office. Further, we have authority over all Morris County Police Departments. It is important for the clergy to understand the various functions that the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office performs.  It is our hope the clergy will convey this understanding to their parishioners.”
The initial meeting is being held in accordance with the Amended New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Directive dated July 28, 2015, that mandates law enforcement executives to reach out to and engage community and faith-based leaders regarding Police Use of Force investigations.
The first portion of Friday’s Clergy Community Outreach Program will have Elie Honig, the Director of Criminal Justice for the State of New Jersey, as guest speaker. His presentation will discuss law enforcement actions in regard to officer involved shootings. 
In October 2015, Director Honig held a presentation for the Morris Area Clergy Council at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown regarding the amended New Jersey Attorney General’s Use of Force Directive. The meeting, initiated by Prosecutor Knapp, resulted from recent developments concerning interaction between the police and the public.
The second portion of this Friday’s meeting will include a panel discussion addressing various issues as well as answering questions. The panel will feature four (4) members of the Morris County law enforcement community:
  • Chief James Simonetti,  Roxbury Township Police Department
  • Chief Mark Spitzer, Mount Olive Township Police Department
  • Chief Assistant Prosecutor Bradford Seabury
  • Chief Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Troiano
There will be several future seminars scheduled with regard to various topics of interest. Discussions will address any issues of interest or concern expressed by participating clergy members and from those topics, a schedule of future programs will be established. Future meeting topics will include, but are not limited to, Prisoner Re-entry, Sexual Assault, Bias Crime, and the Heroin and Opiate Epidemic.

Prosecutor Knapp stated, “The clergy are in a unique position to help facilitate a continuing dialogue between law enforcement and the public.  It is my sincere hope that the program helps in continuing to foster the positive relationship the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has with the community.”
Though this event is not open to the public, Prosecutor Knapp would like to extend an invitation to local members of the press to cover the event.
Any inquiries can be directed to Deputy Chief of Investigations Denise H. Arseneault at 973-285-6262 or [email protected].

Cause and Manner Determined of Deceased Male in Morristown

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp and Morristown Bureau of Police Chief Peter Demnitz announce the Cause and Manner of Death regarding the deceased person found in Morristown, New Jersey in November 2015.
An autopsy was performed by Dr. Ronald V. Suarez, MD of the Morris County Medical Examiner’s Office, who has certified the Cause of Death as Hypothermia due to Exposure to Low Environmental Temperatures and the Manner of Death is an Accident.
On November 17, 2015, at approximately 8:30 a.m., officers from the Morristown Bureau of Police responded to a call of an unconscious person.  Upon their arrival, one deceased male was located in an alley behind 12 Schuyler Place, Morristown, New Jersey. The victim was later identified as Oscar Alberto Romero (age 23) formerly from Honduras, more recently not having a consistent residence.
This investigation was investigated by members of the Major Crimes Unit of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office as well as members of the Morristown Bureau of Police.  No criminal charges are anticipated in this matter.  As such, no additional details will be released.


Any inquiries can be directed to Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Deputy Chief Denise H. Arseneault 973-285-6262 or [email protected].

Morris County Law Enforcement Prevents 42 Fatal Heroin and Opiate Overdoses in 2015

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp announces today that during 2015 Morris County Law Enforcement agencies collectively saved 42 people from succumbing to a fatal opiate overdose through the administration of Narcan® (Naloxone). 
In the summer of 2014, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office formally launched a Nasal Narcan® (Naloxone) program in Morris County that trained and equipped Morris County police officers to administer the antidote Narcan® to persons suffering from an overdose of heroin or prescription opiates.  The Morris County Narcan® Program is a partnership between the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, participating municipal police departments and Atlantic Ambulance Corporation.  The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office arranged with Atlantic Ambulance Corporation to provide training and medical oversight to Morris County municipal police departments that opt to participate in the Narcan® Program.  Today there are a total of 27 police departments in Morris County that are equipping their police Officers with Narcan.   
Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that can be used to counter the effects of an opiate overdose.  Naloxone displaces opioids from the receptors in the brain that control the central nervous system and respiratory system.  An aerosol form of naloxone, Narcan® is administered nasally through use of a syringe-atomizer.
Unfortunately, police officers in Morris County are encountering significant numbers of overdoses from opiates in the form of heroin, morphine, methadone, codeine, oxycodone (OxyContin®, Percocet® and Percodan®) and hydrocodone (Vicodin®).  This epidemic is being experienced throughout the State of New Jersey.
Tragically, at least 37 individuals died in Morris County during 2015 from an opiate overdose.
However, in 2015 Narcan® was administered by first responding police officers a total of 48 times and is credited with 42 “saves” which represents recovery from a potentially fatal overdose. 
The following Morris County Police Departments had officers provide a lifesaving dose of Narcan® during 2015:
Town of Boonton Police Department
One save occurring on 10/19/15.
Boonton Township Police Department
Two saves occurring on 7/6/15 and 7/16/15.
Butler Borough Police Department
One save occurring on 7/28/15.
Denville Township Police Department
One save occurring on 10/2/15.
Florham Park Borough Police Department
One save occurring on 9/2/15.
Hanover Township Police Department
One save occurring on 6/28/15.
Jefferson Township Police Department
One save occurring on 7/30/15.
Lincoln Park Police Department
Two saves occurring on 3/19/15 and 5/12/15.
Madison Borough Police Department
One save occurring on 10/21/15.
Montville Township Police Department
Four saves occurring on 4/21/15, 6/26/15, 8/03/15, and 8/29/15.
Morris Township Police Department
One save occurring on 6/3/15.
Morristown Bureau of Police
Three saves occurring on 6/11/15, 9/2/15 and 11/25/15.          
Netcong Borough Police Department
One save occurring on 10/31/15.
Pequannock Township Police Department
Two saves occurring on 4/10/15 and 11/17/15.
Randolph Township Police Department
Four saves occurring on 1/1/15, 5/24/15, 12/7/15, and 9/3/15
Rockaway Township Police Department
Six saves occurring on 6/2/15, *8/22/15 (two saves occurred on 8/22/2015), 8/28/15, 9/13/15 and 9/1/15.
Washington Township Police Department
Two saves occurring on 9/9/15 and 10/25/15.
Wharton Borough Police Department
Eight saves occurring on 2/2/15, 2/28/15, 5/10/15, 5/20/15, 5/23/15, 6/24/15, 8/10/15, and 12/5/15.
Prosecutor Knapp stated: “The State of New Jersey is plagued by addictive heroin and other opiates.  Morris County is not immune from this epidemic.  Law Enforcement is taking a dynamic approach when dealing with these addictive poisons.  Equipping our first responding police officers with Narcan is a critical and compassionate approach to the opiate epidemic.  In 2015 there were 42 instances in which police officers valiantly gave someone suffering from an opiate addiction a second chance to seek treatment.  The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office will continue to work together with local law enforcement and the community to fight against this opiate epidemic.  We greatly appreciate the support of Atlantic Health System in this continuing battle.” 
Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp wishes to thank all the police officers that saved a life using Narcan in 2015 as well as Atlantic Ambulance Corporation and, specifically their Education Coordinator, Rory McGuinness, MICP, CCEMTP for contributing to the Morris County Narcan Program’s success.

Any inquiries can be directed to Deputy Chief Denise H. Arseneault at 973-285-6262 or [email protected].