The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is Re-Accredited

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp and Chief of Investigations John Speirs announce that on June 9, 2016, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office was awarded with re-accreditation status by the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police. (NJSACOP)

The NJSACOP Accreditation Program consists of one hundred and five (105) professional standards, many of which have multiple objectives. These standards address numerous issues including, but not limited to Direction of Personnel, Training, Selection of Personnel, Arrest, Search and Seizure, Interview and Interrogation, and the Quality Control of Evidence. The process is a rigorous three (3) year internal self-analysis of agency operations. It ensures that policies and procedures are current, reflect societal demands, and are consistent with best practices for law enforcement in the state of New Jersey. After the three (3) year process, a team of NJSACOP trained and independent assessors review the policies, procedures and agency operations as a whole. To become accredited, the policies and procedures must be approved by the assessors, and there must be definitive proof of personnel adherence.

Initially accredited in 2013, this is the first re-accreditation award that the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has received. It is the intention of this office to maintain accreditation status for future years.

Prosecutor Knapp said “Anytime you have independent professionals examining how you conduct business and ultimately endorsing your performance, it is very satisfying. The fact that the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is accredited is directly attributed to the fine men and women of this office who serve the residents of Morris County every day”

Inquiries concerning this Media Release should be directed to Agent Paul Merkler at [email protected] or 973-285-6215.