Prosecutor Knapp and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury Hosted Opioid Presentation for Members of Leadership Morris

Prosecutor Fredric Knapp and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Brad Seabury met with the current class of Leadership Morris during the morning of March 15, to discuss the Opioid and Heroin Epidemic that continues to affect countless lives throughout the Morris County community.

Prosecutor Knapp and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury Hosted Opioid Presentation for Members of Leadership Morris
Chief Assistant Prosecutor Brad Seabury

Leadership Morris is community education program that was founded in 1991, and is run by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. It works with local business and non-for-profit executives to better understand the various opportunities, challenges, institutions, and people of Morris County. Approximately thirty professionals are members of the class at a time, and the Leadership Morris program has an active network of over 500 individuals that have graduated from it.

Through the program, the participants have to attend multiple seminars that cover important topics in Morris County, including Criminal Justice, Human Needs & Services, County Government, and Health Care. By focusing on these various subjects, the members of Leadership Morris will eventually leave the program with a strong understanding of the different cohesive parts that must work together in the Morris County community.

Prior to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury’s presentation, Prosecutor Knapp welcomed the members of Leadership Morris, including Dr. Joseph Nazzaro, the Director of the program. He explained the structure and role of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office in overseeing all law enforcement agencies in Morris County, then fielded questions from the audience for approximately one half hour.

Following Prosecutor Knapp’s question and answer session, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury talked about what the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office does to combat this Heroin and Opioid Epidemic. The presentation covers all aspects of this issue, but Seabury spends much of it making sure that the audience understands the stigmas around those suffering from an addiction disorder, and why these stigmas need to be left behind for real progress to be made. The statistics and first-hand testimonies from the lecture never fail to draw audible gasps from those in the audience, and the participants of Leadership Morris were no different.

As prospective leaders of Morris County, the participants of the Morris Leadership program have a responsibility to their community to learn and better understand the affect that the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic has had on Morris County. Prosecutor Knapp, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury, and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office are committed to spreading awareness about the Epidemic.

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