Community Affairs

The Community Affairs Unit serves as a vital link between the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and the citizens of Morris County.

The mission of the Community Affairs Unit is to promote awareness of the needs and issues facing society, and seeks to rebuild and strengthen relationships between Morris County residents, businesses, schools and various law enforcement agencies. The Community Affairs Unit strives to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Morris County by stimulating and supporting the growth of community organizations, and also by creating a Community Justice Model, which partners citizens, community groups and law enforcement to maintain a safe and productive community.

The primary objective for the Community Affairs Unit is to continue to work with our current community partners and develop new partnerships and continued dialogue with these communities as to their law enforcement needs and intelligence gathering efforts.

  • Maintain awareness of current problems and trends in the communities and develop strategies for addressing any such issues.
  • Continue to publish educational and awareness materials for disbursement.
  • Update and modify PowerPoint presentations as appropriate.
  • Continue to work with the Active/Adult Community of Morris County and present lectures educating them about crimes that specifically affect them.
  • Continue to work with the education community to address the issues of bullying and cyber-bullying.
  • Continue to develop community-based programs and initiatives.
  • Continue to attend community policing related trainings and symposiums.

Requesting Assistance

If any agency, group or organization would like the assistance of the Community Affairs Unit in presentations, lectures or participation in community-related events, please submit an e-mail to [email protected] including the type of request, date and time, location and contact information.