Divisions & Units


The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is divided into four divisions and each of the divisions is further broken down into units and functions. The four divisions and their respective units and functions are:

  • Courts & Administration Division which includes:
    • General Investigations Unit including Intake Function
    • Bail Function
    • Grand Jury Function
    • PTI Function and Evidence Function
    • Victim/Witness Unit; Appellate Unit
    • Administrative & Policy Development Unit
    • Media Relations Function
    • Support Services Unit including Network Administration and System Analyst Function
    • Finance Unit
    • Training Unit
    • Firearms Unit
    • Specialized Services Unit
    • Drug Court Function
    • Weights and Measures Function
    • Civil Discoveries Function
    • Expungement/Name Changes Function
    • Open Public Records Act Function (OPRA)
  • Special Operations Division which includes:
    • Special Enforcement Unit including Tactical Team Function
    • Drug Enforcement Task Force Function
    • Immigration and Customs Enforcement Function
    • Intelligence Unit/Homeland Security Unit
    • High Tech Crimes Unit
    • Fugitive Unit
    • Rapid Deployment Team Function
    • Forfeiture Unit
  • Tactical Division which includes:
    • Major Crimes Unit including Vehicular Homicide Function and Cold Case Function
    • Sex Crimes/Child Endangerment Unit including SANE/SART Function
    • Megan’s Law Unit
    • Crisis Negotiations Team Function
  • Specialized Crimes Division which includes:
    • Professional Standards Unit
    • Financial Crimes Unit including C.A.R.E. Function, Insurance Fraud Unit
    • Domestic Violence Unit
    • Weapon Return Unit
    • Juvenile Unit/Missing Persons Unit
    • Community Affairs Unit
    • Bias Function
    • Fire/Environmental Unit


Administrative and Policy Development Unit

It is the responsibility of the Administrative and Policy Development Unit to monitor the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office budget with the Administration which includes operating expenses, as well as salary and wages.  Additionally, this area will be responsible for a number of in-house administrative functions (i.e., Overtime Analysis, EZ-Pass Audits, Fleet Fuel Consumption, Detective Candidate Selection Process, Annual Reports and Attorney General Reporting Requirements). This area will also be responsible for the coordination of the development and implementation of new office policies, procedures and directives, as well as the office’s Directive Management System and Accreditation Process.

Animal Cruelty Function

It is the responsibility of the Animal Cruelty Function to ensure that all animal cruelty complaints that occur within Morris County are properly investigated and later reported to the NJ Attorney General’s Office. The Chief Humane Law Enforcement Officer is responsible for the training of municipal police departments within Morris County and also coordinates the efforts of personnel during animal cruelty investigations. The Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the function is responsible for the ultimate charging decisions and prosecutions of indictable crimes charged under Title 4.

Appellate Unit

It is the responsibility of the Appellate Unit to research and write briefs in opposition to defendants’ appeals to the New Jersey Appellate Division and the New Jersey Supreme Court. In addition, members of the Appellate Unit supervise and handle the responsibilities of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Law Library that include the handling of municipal appeals and conducting legal research for the members of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.

Bail Function

It is the responsibility of the Bail Function to gather background information on defendants who are scheduled for emergent and bail reduction hearings, defendants who are charged with indictable offenses, or defendants who failed to appear for a scheduled court hearing. The Bail Function also gathers information on defendants charged with indictable offenses as a result of investigations originating through specialized units within the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. The Bail Function also assists the Intake Function in obtaining the necessary reports and documents for initial case review by this office.

Bias Crimes Function

The Bias Crimes Function is responsible for ensuring that all Bias Incidents and Bias Crimes that occur within Morris County are properly investigated and reported to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. The Bias Crimes Function is also responsible for the training of municipal police departments and assisting them with their investigations when acts of bias occur.

C.A.R.E. Function

It is the responsibility of the C.A.R.E. (Crimes Against the Retired/Elderly) Function to place an emphasis on “senior targeted crimes” such as telemarketing frauds, deceptive contractors, utility impersonators/diversion burglaries, transient crime groups (i.e., gypsies, travelers), investment scams, sweetheart swindles, pigeon drops, bank examiner schemes, auto repair scams, home care aides/givers and identity thefts.

Civil Discoveries Function

It is the responsibility of the Civil Discoveries Function to respond to requests from outside parties for copies of this office’s investigations as well as subpoenas for investigation reports and case documents. A determination is made as to the appropriateness of the request and if the requesting party is entitled to receive the often statutorily protected (confidential) information. If it is determined that the investigation is closed and that the dissemination is appropriate, the file is redacted and provided to the requesting party.

Cold Case Function

It is the responsibility of the Cold Case Function to investigate “unsolved homicides” that occurred within Morris County. Members of the Cold Case Function will conduct a comprehensive review of the investigation and attempt to identify any unresolved leads, as well as develop additional leads to pursue the investigation.

Community Affairs Unit

It is the responsibility of the Community Affairs Unit to promote awareness of the needs and issues facing society regarding law and justice, charged with creating a community justice model, partnering citizens, community groups and law enforcement, to maintain a safe and productive community. In addition, this Unit is responsible for rebuilding and strengthening relationships among County residents, businesses, schools, various law enforcement agencies, and the judicial system. The Community Affairs Unit stimulates and supports community organizations and encourages partnerships in an effort to create positive change within the County.

Crisis Negotiation Team Function

It is the responsibility of the Crisis Negotiation Team Function to respond to incidents in Morris County where a hostage/victim has been taken, against their will, by a subject who is threatening harm, a barricaded individual who is threatening harm to others or their own life or to a suicidal subject who has placed themselves in a position where normal law enforcement intervention places the responding officers or public at risk. The members of the Crisis Negotiation Team will work in conjunction with the incident commander for the decision making process and the tactical teams involved in the incident for tactical planning. Members of the Crisis Negotiation Team receive specialized training and are required to attend an approved crisis negotiation training program.

Domestic Violence Unit

It is the responsibility of the Domestic Violence Unit to Investigate and prosecute criminal conduct perpetrated between individuals involved in a domestic relationship. The Domestic Violence Unit also prosecutes all violations of restraining orders. Members of the Domestic Violence Unit will also assist various law enforcement agencies with the preparation and execution of domestic violence administrative search warrants for safekeeping of weapons. In addition, the members of the Domestic Violence Unit provide legal advice to law enforcement officers handling responses to domestic violence crime scenes and evidence collection.

Members of the Domestic Violence Unit, through the Training Unit, develop the Domestic Violence Annual In-Service Training Curriculum for all municipal and county law enforcement officials. This training includes updates on relevant case law pertaining to domestic violence protocols.

Drug Court Function

The Drug Court Function is responsible to ensure that the Drug Court Program is successful. The Drug Court Program is a program for non-violent, drug-addicted criminals as an alternative to incarceration. The Program is a Judiciary-based program, and the State, Public Defender’s Office, as well as Drug Addiction Clinicians and Counselors are members of the Drug Court Team. An Assistant Prosecutor reviews each application for admission into the program and determines if the applicant meets the statutory requirements for admission. The Assistant Prosecutor attends weekly team meetings and any court hearings that involve the applicant/participant, to assess the progress that each individual is making in his or her recovery, and to ensure that any violations of the Court’s sentencing and/or Probationary conditions are addressed by sanctions or termination from the Drug Court Program.

Expungement/Name Changes Function

Upon the receipt of an Expungement or Name Change Petition, it is the responsibility of the Expungement/Name Changes Function to open a file and begin a background investigation. A Certified Criminal History Check (CCH) will be requested and a position letter from the New Jersey State Police is also required to be considered, in determining the Office’s position on the individual petition. If it is determined that the statutory requirements have been met by the petitioner, and the application is reasonable, the State will file a consent to the application. If, however, the petitioner fails to meet the statutory requirements set forth in N.J.S. 2C:52-1 et seq., then the Assistant Prosecutor will respond in writing to the application, and prepare the matter for a hearing.

Finance Unit

The Finance Unit is responsible for the systems and procedures that assure the sound and efficient functioning of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office’s financial activities. The Finance Unit will develop, maintain and administer all programs as they relate to the general accounting functions of the office to preserve the financial integrity of the office. The Finance Unit will assure the accurate accounting of all office receipts and expenditures provide financial trend analysis of the office and process the paperwork / documentation concerning all office purchases. The Finance Unit will also prepare financial and budget reports. In addition, the Finance Unit will administer the accounts payable system through the County’s Financial Management System. The Finance Unit also processes the financial related documents for all office grants which support various operations within the office.

Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of complex cases of fraud in excess of $75,000.00 that overburden the local resources. The Financial Crimes Unit coordinates these investigations with the municipal police departments.  The types of investigations handled by the Financial Crimes Unit include embezzlements, identity thefts, forgeries, thefts by deception, bank frauds, credit card frauds, contractor frauds, identity thefts and public assistance frauds. The Financial Crimes Unit works closely with the municipal police departments to assist them with issuing subpoenas for their fraud investigations.

Fire/Environmental Unit

It is the responsibility of the Fire/Environmental Unit to work in conjunction with local, county, state and federal law enforcement, fire and health agencies in determining the origin and cause of suspicious fires and investigating crimes against the environment. When there is reason to believe that a fire resulted from arson or that an environmental crime has occurred, this Unit will coordinate the criminal investigation. The Fire/Environmental Unit is also responsible for assisting the MCPO Homeland Security Unit with investigations involving “weapons of mass destruction” within the County and works collaboratively with municipal and county counterterrorism coordinators. Designated personnel in the Unit are trained as Hazardous Materials Technicians. This allows this office the opportunity to investigate criminal hazardous material incidents or incidents where a CBRNE material has been released. The Unit works closely with the Morris County Office of Health Management, Hazmat Team and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Emergency Response.

Firearms Unit

It is the responsibility of the Firearms Unit to conduct and record all training and qualifications for the office’s investigative staff in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s directive. This Unit will also maintain an up-to-date list of all weapons owned by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, weapons which have been confiscated and converted to office use and weapons personally owned by members of the Investigative Staff which are carried on or off duty. The Firearms Unit will also maintain the required annual reports submitted by the municipal police departments detailing their firearms qualifications.

Forfeiture Unit

The Forfeiture Unit is responsible for coordinating all property seizures and potential forfeiture of assets seized in Morris County; file and prosecute all civil forfeiture actions brought pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:64-1 et seq., and coordinates the distribution of forfeited assets to the participating law enforcement agencies. The Forfeiture Unit also coordinates the registration and sale of forfeited vehicles, monitors the expenditure of forfeited funds by all of the law enforcement agencies within Morris County, and monitors and reports all expenditures made from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office forfeiture account.

Fugitive Unit

It is the responsibility of the Fugitive Unit to process and investigate all presentence arrest warrants (including failure to appear for sentencing) issued by the Morris County Superior Court Judges in the Criminal and Family Part Sections. The primary role of this Unit is to locate and apprehend fugitives wanted by this office and when necessary, extradite them from asylum jurisdictions, as well as facilitate the return of fugitives wanted by other states. This Unit will also assist in the investigation of escapes from the Morris County Correctional Facility, Morris County Juvenile Detention Center and Greystone Psychiatric Hospital.

General Investigations Unit

It is the responsibility of the General Investigations Unit (GIU) to review, evaluate and prepare indictable complaint cases forwarded from law enforcement agencies (i.e., municipal police departments, New Jersey State Police, Human Services Police Department) for Early Disposition Conference (EDC), grand jury presentations and trials. Members of the General Investigations Unit assist law enforcement agencies with arrest warrants, search warrants and coordinate information on cases with the Intelligence Unit of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. The Assistant Prosecutors assigned to the General Investigations Unit extend plea offers, prepare and present legal arguments in court, prepare and present cases to trial before a jury and make sentencing recommendations to the courts.

Grand Jury Function

It is the responsibility of the Grand Jury Function to coordinate the scheduling of cases presented to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury Function is also responsible to subpoena all law enforcement officers and all other witnesses that are called to testify before the Grand Jury. Members of the Grand Jury Function also schedule the Grand Jury orientation lectures at the start of each new Grand Jury panel.

High Tech Crimes Unit

It is the responsibility of the High Tech Crimes Unit to investigate crimes of computer fraud as well as to provide “computer expertise” to assist other Units of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, other investigative agencies and municipal police departments in pursuing investigations involving computer related crimes, as well as any other criminal investigation that requires the expertise of the members of the High Tech Crimes Unit. All high-tech criminal investigations are coordinated through the High Tech Crimes Unit.  It is also the responsibility of the High Tech Crimes Unit to provide investigative technical equipment and technical tactical support to all Units within the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The High Tech Crimes Unit is also responsible for the technical aspect of all electronic surveillance and signal interception matters which are undertaken by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. The members of the High Tech Crimes Unit research and obtain the latest technological equipment for criminal investigations. The High Tech Crimes Unit loans this equipment, as needed, to other law enforcement agencies and provides the necessary training to law enforcement on its proper use.

Homeland Security Unit

It is the responsibility of the Homeland Security Unit to protect the citizens, government, and infrastructure of Morris County and the State of New Jersey against any attack, foreign or domestic. This mission is accomplished by maintaining readiness, conducting investigations to identify and disrupt a potential attack, planning and preparing to respond to an incident, to defend against an ongoing attack, to investigate any terrorism related incident to ensure the prosecution of the responsible parties and to protect the citizens of Morris County and the State of New Jersey. The Homeland Security Unit is responsible for the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office counter-terrorism planning, preparation, response and investigative efforts. The Unit strives to identify potential threats, coordinate available resources for the preparation and response to large-scale criminal incidents, develop plans and work with local, county, and regional agencies to increase the Morris County preparedness and ability to protect the government and infrastructure of Morris County, the State of New Jersey, and cooperate in an effort to protect the New York Metropolitan Area.

Insurance Fraud Unit

It is the responsibility of the Insurance Fraud Unit to work in conjunction with local, state (i.e., Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor) and federal law enforcement agencies along with insurance companies on investigations relating to the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act (N.J.S.A. 17:33A-1 through 17:33A-15), as well as the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice (Title 2C). The Unit focuses on the crimes of thefts, forgeries, fraudulent practices and falsification in official matters as they relate to insurance fraud.

Intake Function

It is the responsibility of the Intake Function to effectively and efficiently screen incoming cases that are received from various law enforcement agencies. The Intake Function is responsible for recommending a disposition for the case, which includes downgrading the complaint to a disorderly persons charge and returning the matter to Municipal Court; administratively dismissing the complaint or retaining the complaint and having the complaint disposed of in Superior Court.

Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit gathers useful and relevant information from an array of public and law enforcement sources and databases for the purpose of identifying patterns of crime and the individuals associated with the criminal activity. The information can also be utilized to predict and prevent crime, ensure an efficient use of law enforcement resources and assist law enforcement agencies in determining similarities or patterns that can assist with investigations. The Unit works cooperatively with municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to collect, evaluate and disseminate intelligence related to crime/incidents and target areas and individuals identified. The Intelligence Unit will utilize, when practical a “crime mapping” process to enhance intelligence gathering capabilities and clearly delineate “hot spots” of criminal activity. The mission of the Intelligence Unit is to use these tools to reduce crime, thereby improving the quality of life in Morris County. The Unit also works closely with other units within the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and assists with providing valuable information through subject profile background reports and at times operating as a real time crime center.

Juvenile Unit

The Juvenile Unit is responsible for the preparation and prosecution of all juvenile delinquency cases presented in the Superior Court, Chancery Division-Family Part. Cases are received from local law enforcement and Supervising Assistant Prosecutor Samantha DeNegri reviews all juvenile delinquency complaints signed in Morris County, including those scheduled to be heard by the Juvenile Conference Committee (J.C.C.) or the Intake Services Conference (I.S.C.) to make a determination as to which venue the charges will be heard. The Juvenile Unit is responsible for providing investigative assistance to Local and State law enforcement agencies, as well as assisting other Units within the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. Investigative personnel in the Juvenile Unit are tasked with obtaining all case reports from local agencies, signing juvenile complaints, and assisting with any follow up investigations that are required. In addition, investigative personnel prepare case discovery for dissemination to defense counsel. The Unit provides advice and training to law enforcement agencies regarding legislation affecting the juvenile process, as well as conducting the yearly Juvenile Justice Update classes held at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy.

Major Crimes Unit

It is the responsibility of the Major Crimes Unit to investigate homicides, potential homicides, suspicious deaths, crimes of a violent nature, deaths by auto, police shootings, fatal fires and other matters that may have a significant impact on the public. In addition, members of the Major Crimes Unit will work with municipal police departments and the FBI on investigations involving bank robberies.

Media Relations Function

It is the responsibility of the Media Relations Function to serve as the central point of contact for all media inquiries and releases. This function will handle the release of public information relating to the day-to-day activities of the office. In addition, this function will compile and issue all media releases, as well as arrange for media conferences when it is warranted by prosecution and investigative activity.

Megan’s Law Unit

The Megan’s Law Unit is responsible for processing the registration of sex offenders and making a determination of the risk of that offender. A tier classification hearing is held and the appropriate notification is made in the local jurisdiction. This notification is coordinated by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office with the assistance of the municipal police department(s) within Morris County. The Megan’s Law Unit maintains case files for each Megan’s Law registrant, which includes an up-to-date registration. The Megan’s Law Unit creates a case file for the new registrants and obtains reports from the incident causing them to become a registrant. The members of the Megan’s Law Unit review case reports and complete a summary of the incident and the registrant risk assessment based on the Attorney General’s guidelines. Upon the classification determination of the registrant, a tier letter is served to the appropriate parties depending upon the classification. In more serious cases, a community notification is coordinated by the Megan’s Law Unit and the jurisdiction where the registrant resides/works/attends school.. When a registrant fails to register, a criminal complaint is signed by a member of the Megan’s Law Unit or the municipal police department and a criminal case is prepared for prosecution.

Missing Persons Unit

The Missing Persons Unit is responsible for coordinating missing persons investigations with local law enforcement agencies. There is an on-call Missing Persons detective, supervisor, and assistant prosecutor available to local agencies, 24 hours a day, to assist with missing person cases. These joint investigations involve those reported missing under suspicious circumstances, missing juveniles, Interference with Custody cases, mentally and physically disabled individuals reported missing and unidentified living victims. In cases involving missing persons age 13 or younger; if the missing person is suspected of being a victim of foul play; and/or if the victim is disabled or endangered, local agencies are required to make immediate notification to the MCPO Missing Persons Unit via the Morris County Communications Center. The Unit provides legal and investigative assistance, as well as guidance to local law enforcement agencies throughout the course of the investigation. The Missing Persons Unit is responsible for updating the Child Abduction Response Team (C.A.R.T.) plan and in certain circumstances activating a CART response in cases involving missing children age 13 and younger. In addition, the Unit maintains contacts and resources from the New Jersey State Police and other agencies statewide in the event specialized services are required. The Missing Persons Unit obtains data from police referrals, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) entries and police reports, to actively monitor missing persons reported in Morris County.

Network Administration/Systems Analyst Function

The Network Administration/Systems Analyst Function is responsible for the design, implementation and coordination of the office’s computer automation. This function also provides technical support for all computers and computer-related network hardware connected to the office’s local area network. In addition, this function provides support for the centralized Infoshare case management system and any other approved desktop application software installed on office computers. All computer related purchases are coordinated through the systems analyst to ensure compatibility with the countywide area network environment.

Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Function

It is the responsibility of the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Function to process OPRA requests from members of the public requesting access to Morris County Prosecutor’s Office records under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act. The OPRA Function will process these requests on behalf of the office.

Parole/Intensive Supervision Program Function

It is the responsibility of the Parole/Intensive Supervision Program Function in conjunction with the office’s Victim Witness Unit, to review and refer to the appropriate Assistant Prosecutor who handled the underlying prosecution, the applications of defendants being reviewed for release on parole, or those inmates applying for release from custody and admission into the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). If that Assistant Prosecutor is no longer with the office, the Specialized Services Unit Assistant Prosecutor will review the matter and file the appropriate response.

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Function

It is the responsibility of the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Function to coordinate the administration of the Pre-Trial Intervention Program. Members of the Pre-Trial Intervention Program are responsible for opening and maintaining the PTI file while the individual is in the PTI Program. Once the individual successfully completes the PTI Program, the file is then closed. Pre-Trial Intervention is a statewide program designed to divert certain eligible defendants from the criminal justice system into a rehabilitative, probationary type of program. The program allows eligible defendants to avoid criminal prosecution by referring those selected to a program of supervisory treatment. If the defendant successfully completes this period of supervision, usually extending one (1) to three (3) years, the charges are dismissed. Generally, defendants with no prior criminal convictions or previous enrollment in a diversionary program and who are charged with third or fourth degree crimes, are eligible for the PTI Program. All PTI Program Appeals will be handled by the Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office case file.

Professional Standards Unit (PSU)

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) is responsible for monitoring and/or conducting investigations involving criminal violations committed by elected and appointed officials, as well as other public employees. PSU is responsible for investigating violations of the Open Public Meetings Act, Election Law violations (Title 19), and Title 40 and 40A. The PSU will conduct investigations which the Prosecutor and/or Chief of Investigations designate as sensitive and confidential, including internal affairs matters. The PSU is also responsible for conducting background investigations on prospective employees.

Regional Deployment Team/Rapid Deployment Force(RDT/RDF) Function

The Rapid Deployment Team/Rapid Deployment Force (RDT/RDF) is an integral part of the State of New Jersey’s Northeast Rapid Deployment Force (RDF). The Rapid Deployment Team/Rapid Deployment Force functions as a trained group of police officers that will primarily be deployed to protect the critical infrastructure sites within counties and the region, as well as to critical incidents for perimeter and traffic control with CBRNE protective equipment capabilities. The team consists of sworn law enforcement personnel from all Morris County Law Enforcement Agencies. All of the training and the deployment of the team are coordinated through the Office’s Homeland Security Unit.

SANE/SART Function

It is the responsibility of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and Sexual Assault Response Team (SANE/SART) Program to assist victims of sexual assaults. Specifically trained nurses will perform medical forensic examinations in accordance with procedures established by the Division of Criminal Justice, in accordance with the Attorney General Standards for the provision of services to victims of sexual assaults.

Sex Crimes/Child Endangerment Unit (SCCEU)

The Sex Crimes/Child Endangerment Unit (SCCEU) is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of child sexual and physical abuse cases and adult sexual assault cases. The SCCEU also investigates cases of child pornography, stalking and attempted abductions of children by strangers, as well as maintaining intelligence information regarding lewdness and “peeping Tom” complaints. The SCCEU coordinates the above investigations with local law enforcement agencies as well as the Division of Youth and Family Services. The SCCEU has specially trained Detectives to interview child victims under the age of twelve.

Special Enforcement Unit

It is the responsibility of the Special Enforcement Unit to conduct covert and overt investigations regarding criminal activities involving controlled dangerous substances and other abused substances, gambling violations and related organized criminal activity. The Special Enforcement Unit will utilize police officers who are assigned temporarily to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office to supplement permanently assigned Prosecutor’s Detectives. This Unit will also assist local law enforcement, county, state and federal agencies in conducting investigations by providing undercover agents and expertise in the field of narcotics and gambling offenses. This Unit also will conduct electronic surveillance as authorized by N.J.S.A. 2A:156 and approved by the County Prosecutor.

Support Services Unit

The Support Services Unit maintains control and oversees the maintenance of assorted office functions, resources and equipment. Some of these areas include: Vehicle Fleet; Nextel Radios; Cellular Telephones and any other electronic devices used for the purpose of performing an official function; Vehicle Fleet Parking Assignments; Office Supplies, Office Machines and Office issued equipment.

Tactical Team Function

It is the responsibility of the Tactical Team to support the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and other Morris County law enforcement agencies with a tactical response to drug related or critical incidents within Morris County. The Tactical Team is primarily utilized within Morris County. The Tactical Team is utilized during high risk search warrants and arrest warrants. The Tactical Team is also used to supplement members of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team (SERT) during critical incidents such as hostage situations and barricaded subjects. Members of the Tactical Team receive specialized tactical training, in addition to their required law enforcement training.

Training Unit

It is the responsibility of the Training Unit to ensure that all investigative staff members receive the mandated in-service training required of them by statute, Attorney General’s directives or Prosecutor’s directives and coordinate this training. Additionally, the Training Unit will maintain records of all in-service training received, as well as given, by members of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. The Training Unit will also identify areas of necessary training of the various divisions and units within the Prosecutor’s Office and address those needs, as well as assist any individual needs of members of the office. The Training Unit will have the responsibility of implementing the Prosecutor’s initiative in the area of local law enforcement training programs, policy standardization and development for Morris County as well as research and development pertaining to addressing the needs of local law enforcement.

Vehicular Homicide Function

It is the responsibility of the Vehicular Homicide Function to investigate vehicle crashes to the fullest extent possible and to identify causative factors. Members of the Vehicular Homicide Function are able to provide expert testimony at time of trial regarding fatal motor vehicle crashes or crashes involving serious bodily injury.

Victim/Witness Unit

It is the responsibility of the Victim/Witness Unit to ensure that the rights of victims and witnesses are protected while they participate in the Criminal Justice System. The unit provides victims with information about: the criminal justice system; case status updates and dispositions; court appearances and victim impact statements. The unit will also provide crisis intervention, victim/witness notification, and referrals to Social Service agencies and mental health agencies when appropriate.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Assessment Team (WMDAT) Function

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Assessment Team (WMDAT) is responsible for responding to reported threats to use, or the actual or suspected use of any weapon of mass destruction. The team investigates all threats or incidents causing damage to government buildings, schools, colleges, churches, synagogues or other houses of worship, health care facilities, industrial complexes, shopping centers/malls and ethnic social clubs, or other identified related critical infrastructure. This team also responds to and investigates any significant explosions or threats to use explosive materials illegally or the mere presence of an improvised destructive device. Weapons of mass destruction are any weapon, which has the potential to cause widespread harm or damage. This includes but is not limited to, any biological, chemical, radiological, nuclear or explosive materials/devices or a coordinated armed attack against the civilian population incorporating firearms exclusive of or in addition to any combination of weapons of mass destruction.

Weapon Return Unit

The Weapon Return Unit determines whether a person whose weapons were seized by law enforcement officers in connection with a domestic violence incident will be eligible to have their weapons and/or firearms returned to them. Members of the Weapon Return Unit conduct an investigation and background check to determine if the person has the proper paperwork and is not subject to any disabilities under N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3 prior to returning the weapons seized pursuant to the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. In addition, members of the Weapon Return Unit represent the State of New Jersey on appeals stemming from a denial of a Firearms ID Card Application or Permit to Purchase and/or Carry a Handgun.

Weights and Measures Function

It is the responsibility of the Weights and Measures Function to prosecute all violations of the Weights and Measures statute N.J.S. 51:1-97 et. seq. Inspectors of the County’s Weights and Measures Office are charged with inspecting retail establishments to ensure that consumers are receiving the items, and in the appropriate weight, for which they are charged. Violations of these laws are prosecuted by Assistant Prosecutors of the Specialized Services Unit in local Municipal Courts across the county.